Every show truck is unique

Our innovative concept enables companies to present mobile, eye-catching, interactive and customized content for customers. What counts is an active presence wherever decision-makers meet. These appearances with a show truck must be individual, professional and brand-appropriate, but also cost-effective and feasible.

Our team consists of designers, graphic artists, technicians and marketing specialists. Based on a joint discussion, we determine corporate goals and strategies and develop the ideal solution for your vehicle, tailored to your corporate identity. 


A team of highly qualified technicians and craftsmen with many years of experience in trade fair and special vehicle construction will implement the design of the Traderunner Truck for your event.

Flaps and doors can be freely positioned to suit your show truck. The Traderunner can be used both open and closed. The extension platforms with electric cable winches, which open in 2 minutes at the touch of a button (1-man operation), enable quick and convenient setup and reduction. The lightweight construction made of stable aluminum structures and composite materials allows you to drive your roadshow with a class B driving license. 

You can decide the day and time of showing the truck - the Traderunner show truck is ready for immediate use.

"There's no such thing as impossible" - all our wishes and ideas were taken on board, advised and implemented. To put it in a nutshell: a great collaboration!


High-Tech-Lightweight construction

With the idea of innovative brand staging, it was equally important to us to combine fun, variability and convenience with the vehicle. We also wanted to ensure a high level of driving and operating comfort with the Traderunner show truck.

The lightweight construction made of stable aluminum structures and composite materials allows driving with a class B driving license. The chassis was also specifically selected to enable a lower entry height and lower weight. This also ensures flexibility, maneuverability and comfort.

We can do everything for our customers' roadshows - from scaffolding, interior and exterior construction to wrapping and TÜV approval. 


Technical details & services selected individually by the customer:

  • Low-frame chassis for a lower entry height & overall height
  • Specific swivel joints for access platforms
  • Alcove above driver's cab for more storage space
  • LED interior lighting for an ideally illuminated area
  • Level-adjustable air suspension for stable horizontal positioning
  • Axion - 360° all-round camera incl. installation and setup
  • Further technical details: monitors, mixing console, microphone system, 5G router, amplifier, etc.

By purchasing the Traderunner Showtruck, you are using it permanently for your brand. This is the best way to present your individual solution, services or products in a timeless design.

With leasing solutions, you can integrate the Traderunner into your strategy permanently without straining your liquidity. We also offer you a leasing term of 12 months for the show truck. Your tour can start without any complications. 

By renting a Traderunner, you are independent and the show truck can be purchased at any time.


Your show truck & personal vehicle

"A great success in Cambridge and Glasgow & the first stops on the Sungrow Power Tour in the UK & Ireland....Learning about our products through to commissioning on site...."


"Würth Elektronik Showtruck: The mobile center of electronics innovation" - Würth Elektronik Group


Traderunner for training courses & seminars: Our customer Würth Elektronik Group focuses on making components tangible and visible at a glance in the area of training courses, seminars and events. With Traderunner, the company efficiently conveys product understanding, binds expertise directly within the company and increases its attractiveness as an employer and partner.......

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