Discover the world of coffee
from Coffee B with Traderunner


CoffeeB on roadshow with its show truck for coffee tasting.

CoffeB relies on a revolutionary, sustainable coffee system in which the "Coffee Ball" contains no aluminum or plastic and is 100% compostable. The development and design of this Traderunner inspired us because we find an approach like this, which is future-oriented, innovative and sustainable, extremely important. When it came to the interior design and choice of materials, the focus was particularly on sustainability.</strong

As part of the CoffeeB roadshow, customers and interested parties can experience the world of coffee everywhere. A built-in coffee station makes it possible to taste all 8 varieties, which can be purchased immediately and delivered to your home. The roadshow covered 15 locations throughout Germany in 2023 and further stops are already planned for 2024.

CoffeeB started in Switzerland and France and then had its launch in Germany. An innovative mobility concept like the Traderunner is ideal for this. The brand can make itself known from region to region and be remembered by the target group. Either the truck drives to where there is demand or the truck creates demand itself through an exciting, physical experience. The decisive advantage is mobility.

The material and color scheme of the Traderunner for CoffeeB is individually tailored to the company and reflects its commitment to sustainability and environmental awareness. The choice of materials is of high quality and consists of sustainable resources. For example, the interior cladding is made of wood-based materials and ecological paints and varnishes. We also pay attention to the use of ecological, sustainable raw materials for ad-ons for product presentation, such as bar tables or tablet stands.

The brand logo, the "Coffee Ball", emerges vividly from the wooden paneling on the rear wall inside the vehicle. This ensures an immediate recognition effect.


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